State and County Data

(Published February, 2015)

Indiana State Department of Health
Epidemiology Resource Center
Data Analysis Team
2 North Meridian Street, 6-E
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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Indiana State Department of Health
Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH
State Health Commissioner

Jennifer Walthall, MD, MPH
Deputy State Health Commissioner

Judith Lovchik, PhD, D (ABMM)
Assistant Commissioner

Epidemiology Resource Center (ERC)
Pam Pontones, MA, Director

ERC Data Analysis Team
Gary V. Ordway, MS, Director
Susan Dorrell, BS
Matt Kaag, BS
Michele Starkey, BS
Linda Stemnock, BSPH

Please note that Table 8 has been revised to reflect a change in the number of Hispanic births.

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The Epidemiology Resource Center gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Vital Records Division, hospitals, local health departments, and other organizations that make the ISDH Vital Statistics system possible.

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