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Glossary of Terms

County of Occurrence - The Indiana county where the induced termination of pregnancy took place.

County of Residence - The Indiana county where the woman lived at the time of the induced termination of pregnancy.

Gestation – Weeks of pregnancy as reported on the terminated pregnancy report form.

Indiana Occurrences -  Induced terminations of pregnancy that took place in Indiana, regardless of the state of residence.

Married – Includes currently married women and those who are separated but not divorced.

Not Married – Includes women who have never been married and those who are divorced or widowed.

Previous Terminated Pregnancies – The number of previous terminations as reported on the terminated pregnancy report form. The current termination is not included.

Race - Race of the mother.  In this report, race is categorized as "white", "black", "other", and "total", where "other" means all other races besides white and black including unknown.   "Total" represents all races combined.  In Indiana, "Hispanic" is classified as an individual's ethnicity, not his or her race; all Hispanics are classified as either "white Hispanic", "black Hispanic", or "other Hispanic". 

Ratio – The number of terminations per 1,000 live births.  The ratio can be for all women or by age, race, or marital status, depending on the table.

Reliability of Ratios – Some of the ratios presented in this report are based on a small number of live births by age, race, or marital status.  The ratios based on small numbers are unstable.  Ratios based on less than 20 live births for women in particular age groups or marital status groups are not reported.

Stable Rate - A rate containing a minimum of 20 occurrences or events (e.g., terminated pregnancies) per unit being examined (e.g., city, county, and state).

Vital Statistics - Information obtained from official documents filed with the Indiana State Department of Health, to include certificates of birth, death, marriage, and terminated pregnancy.

Table of Contents