Asthma 101 List of Triggers

Welcome to Breatheasyville! Take a virtual tour of our town to learn about environmental triggers for asthma. Asthma triggers can be found in many different environments and vary for every person with asthma. By knowing your triggers and finding ways to reduce your exposure to them, you can take control and ease asthma symptoms and attacks.

School Info Schools
Tour different areas of our school to learn about asthma triggers
Childcare Info Early Child Care
Play in our child care center to uncover asthma triggers
Rental Info Rental Properties
Renters and landlords can walk through one of our units to pick out indoor asthma triggers
Home Info Home
Visit rooms in a typical home to spot indoor asthma triggers
Parent Info Parents
Read in our library about environment information for your child’s asthma
Outdoors Info Outdoors
Explore parts of our town to discover outdoor asthma triggers
Medical Provider Info Medical Providers
Make an appointment to receive patient educational handouts and health professional information
Library - Additional Resources Library