Choosing a Hospital

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), Division of Acute Care, is pleased to provide consumers with a Hospital Consumer Report on each licensed hospital in Indiana. The purpose of these Hospital Consumer Reports is to provide information to consumers to assist in evaluating the availability and quality of hospitals within the state of Indiana. Each Hospital Consumer Report contains a profile of the hospital, a report of the hospital's recent survey history, and a quality measure report. The Hospital Consumer Reports are limited to licensed hospitals and do not include psychiatric hospitals.

The ISDH cautions that no one tool or document can adequately assess the appropriateness of a hospital for a particular patient. The information provided in the Hospital Consumer Reports cannot substitute for a thorough review of the hospital when choosing the services a hospital has to offer for yourself or a loved one. Consumers should always discuss the selection of a hospital with their personal physician. Consumers should also contact the administrators or staff for each hospital they are considering and discuss the facilities and services available at that hospital. Consumers are also recommended to spend time talking with medical professionals, family, friends, and consumer organizations about specific hospitals and care provided by that hospital.