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About the Lead-based Paint Program

Indiana Lead and Healthy Homes Program

The Indiana Lead and Healthy Homes Program (ILHHP) strives to reduce the incidence of lead poisoning within the population, especially among young children whose health and development are most susceptible to the harmful effects of lead. The primary source of lead poisoning is lead-based paint.

Lead was a component of most paints prior to the ban on lead-based paint in 1978. As it deteriorates with age, or when it is disturbed such as in remodeling and repair projects, lead paint can generate paint fragments, chips, and dust. These particles are ingested or inhaled by small children with very dangerous health consequences. The elimination of the lead paint sources in homes and child care facilities prevents lead poisoning from occurring and greatly reduces the chance a child will be exposed to this preventable environmental hazard.

Effective Jan. 1, 2010, the Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) took responsibility to implement and enforce the state and federal regulations concerning lead-based paint. The regulations are designed to eliminate environmental hazards by ensuring that trained lead professionals are available to conduct the safe and effective elimination of the primary sources of lead poisoning. The regulations are available at:

RRP Rule

Indiana Administrative Code 410 IAC 32

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 745

For more detailed information on lead-based paint programs administered by the ILHHP click on the following links:

Lead-Based Paint Program Professional Licensing

How do I become licensed?

If you're looking to become licensed in lead abatement through the Lead-Based Paint Program, follow this link:

Lead and Healthy Homes Program Professional Licensing

Looking to find a licensed contractor for lead removal?

The Indiana Public Licensing Agency maintains the list of abatement contractors and other licensed lead professionals at the License Express option at:

Enforcement of Lead-Based Paint Regulations

Failure to comply with the rule may result in civil or criminal enforcement under Indiana Code Title 13, Article 30. ENFORCEMENT AND LEGAL ACTIONS.

In some instances, failure to comply with the rule can lead to denial or revocation of a current license. See 410 IAC 32-2-8 Lead-based paint license revocation; denial

Lead Abatement/Non-abatement Activities

To see the standards set for both lead abatement and non-abatement activities, follow the link:

Lead Abatement/Nonabatement Activities

See definitions of terms used within the Lead-Based Paint Program at:

Definitions Used by the Lead Program