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Program Objectives

The ISDH Public Health Practicum/Internship program supports the agency’s strategic goals as well as the professional goals, interests and abilities of participating students.

The goals of the ISDH Public Health Practicum / Internship program are to:

  • Develop and train the next generation of highly qualified public health professionals;
  • Strengthen partnerships with colleges, universities, and public health associations.
  • Major Program Outcomes

  • An increased public health capacity to deliver services and better health outcomes in the future.
  • Introduction of future public health professionals to the mission, programs and leadership of ISDH.
  • Benefits for Students

  • Apply classroom learning and gain hands-on experience in a public health work environment.
  • Build valuable networking connections with state public health professional leaders.
  • Explore and “test drive” a career choice within public health.
  • Gain exposure to program analyses and methodologies.
  • Develop core public health competencies and marketable job skills.