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In 1994, the Women’s Health Committee at the Indiana State Dept of Health was founded. This committee comprised women throughout Indiana representing a variety of women’s health concerns. During 1994, Women's Health Committee conducted town meetings and produced two reports: a summary of the town meetings and a fact book on Indiana’s women’s health.

On Mother’s Day, 1998, Governor Frank O’Bannon announced the establishment of the Office of Women’s Health at the Indiana State Dept of Health. An Advisory Board of 38 members was formed, bringing diverse representation of women’s health issues throughout the state to the office. The members bring expertise in the following areas: legislative, medical issues, rape and violence prevention, women in prison, cardiology, osteoporosis, oncology, radiology, perinatal care, minority health and mental health.

During the 1999 legislative session several legislators introduced and passed House Bill 1356, providing the office permanence through statutory language.