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Howard County

County Background

On this page you will find county specific statistics, demographic characteristics, health outcomes, an interactive healthcare facility locator map, and opioid crisis information. Select the arrows at the bottom of each graph to view more county information. Scroll further down to view a summary of Howard county's response plan, activities in progress, completed projects, and a list of local stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of the response plan to address overdose events.

Program Overview

The Howard County Health Department will use ESSENCE surveillance to alert community stakeholders of increases in overdose activity. No formal notification system was in use prior to the implementation of this program. The Howard County Health Department felt a notification system with policies and procedures for interagency communication would be instrumental in connecting all first responding agencies and other stakeholders in the event of multiple overdose events happening within the county. The ESSENCE data will also be used to provide real time data on substance use in Howard County to drive prevention efforts for the community partners. Additional prevention efforts will focus on an anti-stigma campaign with outreach materials to promote the Opioid Rescue Kit Program at the health department.

Program Objectives & Goals

Project Objectives (Short Term)

  • Families with people at high risk for overdose will have naloxone kits
  • Create partnership with treatment providers for outreach materials
  • Partner with coroner, law enforcement and EMS to research overdose plan

Project Objectives (Long Term)

  • Decrease the number of “Overdose in Progress” calls to 911 Dispatch
  • Increase the number of people with SUD seeking treatment
  • Create and Implement an Overdose response plan with local stakeholders

Project Goals (Short Term)

  • More people will understand the dangers of opioids (less stigma surrounding opioid use disorder)
  • There will be more community acceptance of the use of naloxone

Project Goals (Long Term)

  • More people will seek treatment for mental health and substance use disorder
  • First responders and law enforcement will be prepared for county wide overdose events


  • GIS map of county with “hot spot” overdose locations
  • Notify stakeholders when there is an ESSENCE alert
  • Anti-stigma campaign with radio advertising, flyers, and posters
  • Rescue kit pamphlets for treatment centers and emergency departments
  • Overdose Response Plan and table top exercise

Overdose Response Plan

Work in progress


Howard County EMA

Howard County Systems of Care

Howard County Sheriffs Dept.

St. Vincent Trinity House Kokomo

Kokomo Police Dept.

Community Howard Behavioral Health

Community Howard Regional Health

Center for Opiate Recovery (C.O.R.E)

St. Vincent Kokomo

Gilead House

Kokomo Fire Dept.

Mental Health America

Howard County 911 Dispatch

United Way of Howard County

Howard County Coroner