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The pages linked to this website are setup to open in a separate window, however, depending on your browser the pages may open in the same window as all other pages that you have open at the time.

To close only the page you are on & avoid closing all pages there are a couple of ways you can accomplish this.

  • 1. Click the large “X” in the red box of the upper right corner of the webpage.  
    1. A box may appear asking “Do you want to close all tabs or the current tab?” 
    2. Always choose "Close current tab".  The box will look like the one below.

  • 2. Some browsers may allow you to open multiple websites using tabs instead of having a lot of separate windows open. 
    1. This means that you have a line of websites across the top of one window called the “tab bar”, as shown below. 
    2. Whichever tab is “active” (ie; the one you are looking at at any given time) will have an “x” on the right side of the tab.  Clicking this small “x” instead of the big red one should close just that one website.