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Indiana Minority Health Plan

The state of Indiana, through the Indiana Department of Health and its Minority Health Advisory Committee, hereby proposes a plan of collaboration with public and private partners to address the goal of eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities in Indiana. Healthy Indiana – A Minority Health Plan for the State of Indiana (the Healthy Indiana Minority Health Plan) is founded in four overarching strategic goals that capture the primary purpose for proposing, developing, and implementing a minority-specific health plan for the state of Indiana:

  • Prepare evidence-based documentation of racial and ethnic health disparities in Indiana.
  • Develop a plan of interventional strategies designed to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in Indiana.
  • Identify and solidify effective public/private, community-based partnerships to help develop, implement, evaluate, and assess outcomes of the proposed interventional strategies.
  • Reduce disparities in health based on race or ethnicity among Indiana residents such that the “gap effect” for any focus area is less than five percent.

Legislative Statutes for Minority Health
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