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Certified Nurse Aide: Certification and Recertification

The Certified Nurse Aide: Training, Certification & Recertification and Registration Program ensures that individuals meet both the state and federal requirements for a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and are on the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry. A certified nurse aide is an individual who works primarily in long-term care facilities or nursing homes. The CNA assists residents with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or eating. A CNA works under the direct supervision of licensed practical nurse or registered nurse and can perform only procedures that are within the scope of practice for a CNA.

IMPORTANT NOTE - 3/24/2022

Nurse Aide Training and Waivers – Reminders

The waivers issued under the public health emergency end on July 1. After July 1, personal care aides (PCAs) and temporary nurse aides (TNAs) will no longer be allowed. If they do not complete their training to become CNAs by July 1, they may continue to work as nurse aides and will need to complete the training and testing by October 6 (four months after the federal waiver ended on June 6) to become a CNA.  Abbreviated nurse aide training may only be done through July 1. After July 1, the training must be the usual 105 hours of training.

All approved nurse aide training (NAT) programs may teach the expedited CNA training for personal care aides (PCAs) and temporary nurse aides (TNAs).

The training must follow the expedited CNA training for PCAs and TNAs outlined in Appendix A of the Order to Expedite CNA Training for PCAs and TNAs during the PHE and keyed to the existing Indiana Nurse Aide Curriculum approved by the Department. There are 38 outstanding resident care procedures (RCPs) that are not covered in the PCA/TNA programs as their scope of practice is limited. Please note, when students take the state exam, they will be tested on all 72 RCPs and all the curriculum coursework.

Please review the document, NAT and Waivers, for more information.

Registry Updates

The Nurse Aide Registry will begin using email to handle most communications, including sending renewal notices.  Please ensure your email is current by logging into https://mylicense.in.gov.

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