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Environmental Chemistry

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories function as support units to various state and local agencies providing chemical laboratory services required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Indiana Lead and Healthy Homes, Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the IDOH Environmental Health Division, the IDOH Water Fluoridation program, IDOH Food Protection and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). Laboratory services also are provided to Local Health Departments to assist in public health investigations or environmental emergencies.

Analytical services include organic, inorganic, metals, radionuclides and physical analysis to assess surface water, groundwater, drinking water, soils, paint, building materials, industrial waste and emergency response situations.

A limited number of tests are available to private citizens to promote public health. People who get their drinking water from a private well are encouraged to test yearly for Nitrate + Nitrite and Metals such as Arsenic. These tests are available for a fee.

Citizens who believe an environmental contamination problem is a public health issue should contact their Local or County Health Department.

Collaborations with academic institutions on environmental questions of public health importance has included measurements of pharmaceuticals and personal care products, herbicides, pesticides, etc. in water.

Radionuclide testing is available for a fee. This includes IDEM-scheduled and IDEM-mandated testing for Municipal and Public Water Suppliers.

Tests Available to the Public for a Fee

Fluoride in water
Metals (Arsenic, Lead, and Copper) in Drinking Water
Nitrate+Nitrite in water
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (Primarily for Research Institutions)
Radionuclides in Drinking Water

Tests available to all Local Health Departments


Arsenic in Water
Diesel Fuel / Motor Oil (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-E)
Fluoride in Drinking Water
Gasoline (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-V)
Inorganic Chemicals in Water (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Demands, Chloride, Sulfate, etc for Water Quality)
Lead and Copper in Drinking Water
Lead in Dust wipes
Lead in Paint chips
Lead in Soil
Metals in water or soil
Methamphetamine Wipes (For Environmental Screening)
Nitrate+Nitrite in water
Nitrite in water
Pesticides in water
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water (Useful in Contamination Investigations)
Radioactive Materials
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in water
Volatile Organic Compounds in water