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Surveillance Overview

The Surveillance Program will deepen and expand collaborations to integrate efforts more fully in utilizing surveillance data to direct resources and prevention interventions with the goal of eliminating new HIV, STI and viral hepatitis infections. Innovative approaches, directed by epidemiological data, will be used to reinforce the foundations of disease prevention and direct programming and services statewide. The Indiana Surveillance programs work in continuous collaboration with several other IDOH program areas including but not limited to the Division’s Prevention Program and Services Program, the IDOH Epidemiological Resource Center (ERC), Office of Legal Affairs, and Vital Records as well as external public health and medical providers to ensure a comprehensive surveillance resource for its citizens and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Surveillance Program will ensure confidentiality and anonymity as it supports CQM/CI Program efforts to provide timely and accurate data to ZIP Coalitions and other key partners working to develop and implement strategies to eliminate transmission of HIV, STIs, and viral hepatitis and connect people to needed services and care.

The Clinical Data and Research Program (CDR)

The Clinical Data and Research Program (CDR) encompasses active and passive surveillance of adults, adolescents, perinatal exposure and pediatric HIV and AIDS cases. CDR provides incidence, prevalence and projections of HIV disease in Indiana. It also coordinates the provision of data with the goal of enhancing integration, linkage and program performance with programs throughout the state.