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This page provides administrative and programmatic information on HIV Services Program (HSP) for Part B. Resources around HSP Eligibility, HSP Subrecipient Manual, Service Standards, Subrecipient Monitoring Tools, and Programmatic Policies and Procedures are all found below. HIV providers and PLWH who have questions about this material can reach out using the contact information on the bottom of the page.

Eligibility for HSP Services

In order to receive any HSP services in Indiana you must be actively enrolled. To determine eligibility, you can work with your local  HIV Non-medical Case Management Program. You can find additional information on HIV Non-Medical Case Management at this link ( HIV Non-Medical Case Management Program).

Subrecipient Manual

HSP has developing a comprehensive manual for subrecipients to understand how the RWHAP Part B Program operates. The subrecipient manual is available.

Service Standards

More information is coming soon as this aspect of the program is developed.

Service Standards by Service Category

Subrecipient Monthly Progress Report

Subrecipients must complete a monthly Progress Report to communicate essential information regarding the successes, challenges, and overall developments of their programs to IDOH.  Monthly Progress Reports are utilized by IDOH to monitor subrecipient progress and to provide appropriate training and technical assistance, when necessary.

Progress Reports must be completed and submitted by the 20th of the month following the delivery of services via REDCap, a data collection software provided through IDOH.  The link to complete the monthly Progress Report can be found here.


Workplans outline goals and processes by which an agency/team/person can accomplish established goals. They break down a process into smaller, achievable tasks and clearly identify what you want to accomplish.

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Action Steps

In the Workplan Template and Examples you will find options on how you can structure your agency workplans; however, please feel free to adjust to your agency specific needs.

Subrecipient Administrative Monitoring Visit

Planning for an upcoming HSP administrative monitoring visit? These resources will help you understand the process and help you prepare for the visit.  The tools are currently in pilot phase and you will find the final versions here:

Programmatic and Administrative Policies and Procedures

How to Become a Part B Subrecipient Provider In Indiana

HSP periodically solicits service providers through an open bid process called a Request for Proposals (RFP). When there are upcoming opportunities to apply to HSP for subrecipient funding, we will post the RFPs here.

How to Become Involved as a Person Living with HIV

HSP has numerous ways for PLWH to get involved. Initially, consumers are invited to participate in the statewide Quality Management Committee, but there will be additional opportunities posted here as they are developed.

HSP Contact Information

You can access our staff by calling 866-588-4948 and select option #1 or by emailing HSProgram@isdh.in.gov