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State of Indiana Integrated Prevention and Care Plan 2017 - 2021

Click here to view The State of Indiana Integrated Prevention and Care Plan 2017-2021


The Purpose of the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan is to provide a blueprint for HIV planning and to provide flexible direction. The Plan is intended to be a means by which to identify HIV prevention and care needs, existing resources, and barriers and gaps within the jurisdiction, as well as the goals, objectives, activities and strategies by which to address these issues. The Plan is intended to improve the efficiency of resource and program planning throughout Indiana and contribute to improvements in the various programs’ effectiveness and health outcomes for Indiana residents living with, or at risk for, HIV.

Plan Structure:

  • Address the goals and objectives as outlined in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy;
  • Increase the collaboration between federal, state and local funders to increase the effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency of program development and fiscal resources;
  • Address all elements contained in the Curriculum of Care with the end result of increasing viral load suppression;
  • Support the implementation of High-Impact Prevention programs;
  • Ensure that HIV planning is efficient and focused on results-oriented processes;
  • Encourage collaboration and coordination across HIV prevention, care and treatment services;
  • Reduce reporting documentation;
  • The Indiana Department of Health has chosen to incorporate the state’s funding cycle into the planning cycle and update the existing plan annually or as needed;
  • Engage a broader group of stakeholders;
  • Focus on streamlining communication, coordination and implementation of needed services across the continuum of HIV prevention, care and treatment services
  • Expand services Statewide and;
  • The Marion County Public Health Departments Ryan White/HIV Services Program is utilizing the Plan in conjunction with its 2015 updated Comprehensive Plan of Care to broaden its programming.