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HIV Core Surveillance & Incidence (Clinical Data & Research)

The Clinical Data and Research Program (CDR) encompasses active and passive surveillance of adults, adolescents, perinatal exposure, and pediatric HIV and AIDS cases. CDR provides incidence, prevalence, and projections of HIV Disease in Indiana. It also coordinates the provision of data with the goal of enhancing integration, linkage, and program performance with programs throughout the state.

Core Surveillance

HIV disease surveillance provides summary and analytical data for planning, implementing, or evaluating HIV prevention or services programs, and for education about the disease and how to prevent transmission. Data are routinely supplied throughout Indiana and other states, to state and national health care educators and providers, state and national legislators, HIV prevention and services programs, researchers, news media, students, and the public.

HIV/AIDS Confidential Reporting Case Reporting Forms

Incidence is the number of new infections in a given period of time regardless of a person knowing that they are infected.  The Incidence program at Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) collects and sends pertinent data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  CDC and ISDH analyze these data to predict the incidence estimate for a specific period of time for the nation and the state of Indiana respectively.

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