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Grant Guidance

Grant Guidance

General Guidance

Appendix 1A - Chronic Disease Asthma Guidance

Appendix 1B - Chronic Disease Cancer Guidance

Appendix 1C - Chronic Disease Cardiovascular Health Guidance

Appendix 1D - Chronic Disease Diabetes Guidance

Appendix 2 - Food Insecurity/Obesity Guidance

Appendix 3 - Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Guidance

Appendix 4 - Elevated Blood Lead Guidance

Appendix 5A - Community Health Workers and Patient Navigators Guidance

Appendix 5B - Community Paramedicine Guidance

Example Budget Template

Grantee Data Submission Surveys

Select the program area (below) under which you are funded and complete the monthly data submission survey. If you are funded under multiple program areas, please submit a survey for each area.

Note: Record the survey return code to save your responses and return where you left off. Questions can be sent to Alec Suarez at