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Consumer Advisory for the Consumption of Raw or Undercooked Foods Of Animal Origin

The "Consumer Advisory" is intended to apply to food establishments where raw or undercooked animal food such as soft eggs, undercooked hamburger, raw oysters, etc., are sold or served in a raw or under-cooked form. This includes all types of food establishments where there is a reasonable likelihood that the food will be consumed without further cooking. This would include restaurants, raw bars (oyster, sushi, etc.), quick-service operations, carryouts, and groceries that have operations such as seafood departments and delicatessens where these foods are intended to be "ready-to-eat".

The disclosure of consumption of raw or undercooked animal foods and the health risks associated with consuming such foods must be provided at the point where food is selected by the consumer. Both disclosure and the reminder need to accompany the information from which the consumer makes the selection. This information must be in a written form and may appear on menus, placards, table tents, or any other effective written means.