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Indiana Food Safety and Defense Task Force

The task force is made up of a group of Indiana food safety and security stakeholders; it consists of representatives from local, state, and federal public health agencies, academia, industry, law enforcement, and consumer advocates. The task force discusses topics that pertain to food safety and defense. The Task Force serves many functions and goals such as, but not limited to:

  • Provides a forum for open dialogue between industry, regulators, academia, law enforcement, healthcare, and other stakeholders in food safety and defense.
  • Provides valuable technical expertise to work on special projects.
  • Provides stakeholder input on proposed or future rules, regulations, and statutes.
  • Allows stakeholders to provide insight when regulators are developing formal guidance policies.
  • Promotes an educational environment for the stakeholders.
  • Promotes the integration of an efficient statewide food safety and defense system that maximizes the protection of public health through the prevention, early detection, and containment of foodborne illness.
  • Focuses on food defense, awareness, prevention, intervention, and response

The task force meets twice per year in Indianapolis. If you would like additional information or are interested in joining the task force please contact Laurie Kidwell at 317-233-3213.

FDA Food Defense Training

Food Defense 101 (including ALERT)