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Web Maps and Apps

The Public Health Geographics team develops mapping applications, map viewers and geo-integrated content for ISDH programs and community partners.  Below is a collection of PHG-supported products available on-line.  Currently, most applications operate on mobile devices, but interfaces are not designed for mobile screens.

Find Web Maps and Apps on the ISDH Geo Portal

ISDH Stats Explorer
Stats Explorer makes finding and exploring Indiana health data easier.  Stats generated by ISDH divisions and partners are collected and provided as charts, maps, and tables in a searchable single resource.  Annual county counts and rates for many reportable diseases and conditions are available.

Open Stats Explorer

Lead Risk
The Lead Risk Map gives public health partners, medical providers, and the public the ability to assess the risk of childhood lead poisoning in a neighborhood by simply entering an address.  Census tract risk is calculated using elevated blood lead levels as a weight for contributing risk factors such as housing age and poverty status for those under 6 years of age.

Open Lead Risk Map

Indiana Health Districts and Regions
The Health Districts Map provides a one-stop shop to explore program-specific districts for various ISDH divisions and partners.  If available, district contact information can be obtained by clicking map.  Updates are conducted as requested by program areas or through surveys.

Open Health Districts and Regions Map

Health Care Facility Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports provides a search interface for finding and mapping regulated health care facilities.  Each consumer report provides information about facilities including location, contact information, administrators, services provided and survey history.  Reports are available for ambulatory surgery centers, dialysis clinics, hospice agencies, hospitals, intermediate care facilities, nursing homes and residential care facilities.  Updates are performed daily.

Open Consumer Reports

Travel Clinics
Some travel destinations abroad may pose certain health risks and require specific immunizations for visitors.  Appointments with an International Travel Clinic in Indiana should be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.  Use the map to find current International Travel Clinics in your area.  Map available soon.

Open Travel Clinics Map

Arboviral Encephalitides (West Nile)
The Arboviral map viewer provides current surveillance information for West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis, and La Crosse Encephalitis.  This includes county counts for positive mosquito pools, human disease cases, bird infections and equine disease cases.  Updates are provided in near real-time during mosquito season.

Open Arboviral Map

Harmful Algal Blooms
The ISDH Harmful Algal Bloom site provides resources for blue-green algae, a type of algae that produces toxins that hurt humans or animals.  Samples collected by IDEM are categorized and mapped by alert levels -  Low, Advisory, Caution and Closed.  Updates are provided weekly, May through August.

Open Harmful Algal Blooms Website

Health Map Viewer (Legacy App)
The ISDH Map Viewer is a resource for viewing the distribution of Indiana health statistics and identifying community health assets. Capabilities include: investigating county data and statistics, loading your own county data for mapping, exploring locations of health or health-related activities, loading your own sites into the map, defining areas of interest, identifying and measuring locations within areas of interest, mashing-up web maps from other sources, and loading custom menus developed for specific projects. Features are still being enhanced and added. ISDH PHG does not guarantee the accuracy of the content provided in the Map Viewer. The Map Viewer should currently only be used for exploratory purposes.

Open Map ViewerOpen Quick-Start Guide

The Indiana WISEWOMAN program provides cardiovascular screening to women ages 40 to 64 who are participants in the Indiana Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.  This includes blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings.  Updates are provided as needed by implementing a community scan.

Open WISEWOMAN Resources

Cancer Incidence and Accredited Centers
A Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredited cancer program offers patients comprehensive care, patient-centered services, genetic assessment and counseling, care monitoring, evidence-based treatment, follow-up care and more using a multidisciplinary, team approach.  Travel times and cancer incidence rates are provided as a background reference to quickly assess access to care for areas of high burden.

Open Cancer Center Resources

Breast and Cervical Cancer Asset Map
The BCCP provides access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic testing, and treatment for underserved and underinsured women who qualify for services.  The BCCP asset map enables providers to quickly find locations of various services for patients including BCCP program participants,  Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Grantees, Susan G Komen Grant Recipients, Maternal and Child Health Title V Grantees, and Insurance Navigators.

Open BCCP Resources

Indiana Women's Health Groups and Organizations
The Office of Women's Health provides you with local resources that have female membership or serve women in Hoosier communities. Click on your county to find organizations located near you, as well as groups and organizations that can serve you in your community.

Open the Office of Women's Health Resource Map

Asthma Resource Guide
The Asthma Resource Guide was developed as a comprehensive tool for patients, family members, and healthcare professionals as a one-stop resource for asthma, health insurance, and medical assistance information.

Open the Asthma Resource Guide

Indiana Diabetes Prevention Network
The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is offered to help people make necessary lifestyle changes. The program was designed and piloted in Indiana by the Indiana University School of Medicine, and has proven to prevent and/or delay Type 2 diabetes. This program helped people cut their risk for diabetes in half!

Open Prediabetes Website

Child Fatality Review Teams
The Indiana Child Fatality Review Teams attempt to better understand how and why children die, take action to prevent other deaths, and improve the health and safety of our children. Understanding the circumstances causing a child’s death will help prevent other deaths, poor health outcomes, and injury or disability in other children.

Open Child Fatality Review Teams Map

Naloxone Entities
The Overdose Prevention Therapy-Indiana, or optIN, registry allows nonprofits, pharmacies, local health departments, addiction treatment facilities, correctional facilities and other entities to register as providers of naloxone, a non-narcotic medication that reverses life-threatening respiratory failure that is usually the cause of overdose deaths.  Developed by ISDH OTC.

Open optIN Registry

Indiana Open Geocoder
Leverage the benefits of data sharing - Geocode to the "Rooftop" with the State's Open Geocoder Web Service.  The service is a product of the Indiana GIS Data Sharing Initiative.  Address locations harvested from local government information systems and merged into a single state-wide dataset. Additional datasets collected from various sources are also included in the service to provide a robust geocoding solution.

Open the Geocoding Service Info Page

GeoRunner Geographic Coding (Legacy Service)
The Public Health Geographics program maintains a developer solution for wrapping ever-changing address scrubbing and geocoding methods into a stable endpoint.  The GeoRunner web service provides an easy, automated solution for many ISDH applications and has geocoded over 50 million addresses since 2005.   Contact PHG for more information.

Open the GeoRunner Info Page

Map App Web Counter
The Public Health Geographics program collects page views on selected maps and apps created for ISDH program areas and partners.  These metrics are open for everyone to view.  Are the counts for your program area low?  Try posting links on social media.

Open Today's Page Views Chart

Map Starter (For Addresses)
In development. Preview. Contact PHG for more information.

Map Maker (For Stats)
In development. Preview. Contact PHG for more information.

More Geo and Map Apps
ISDH programs and partners should feel free to contact PHG to discuss options for developing solutions.

Page last reviewed: April 21, 2017