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About the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program


Minimize the effect of communicable disease in the state of Indiana.




  • Conduct surveillance, investigations, research, communicate findings, and provide education through electronic and other means necessary to reach our stakeholders.
  • Conduct surveillance for reportable diseases, emerging and re-emerging infections and respond to outbreaks and requests for information.
  • Ensure that appropriate and thorough investigations are being conducted while working with public health partners.
  • Support electronic reporting and surveillance (including INEDSS, PHESS, CHIRP, SWIMSS) development and foster use and training among all public health partners.
  • Communicate and educate to support and improve surveillance and investigation activities in Indiana and timely report out the surveillance and investigation data and findings
  • Conduct research staying current with the science of infectious disease.


Who we are

Organizational Chart (June 30, 2016)



Page last updated: June 30, 2016

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