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Strategic National Stockpile

Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)SNS

The SNS, operated by the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), contains large quantities of medical countermeasures (MCM) such as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, to be used in the case of a public health emergency such as a terrorist attack, flu outbreak, earthquake or other incidents severe enough to exhaust local supplies. Once it is determined that the SNS is needed, the MCM will be delivered to Indiana in time for them to be effective. IDOH has a plan to partner with the Indiana State Police, Indiana National Guard, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Homeland Security and others to ensure that MCM supplies are received and distributed to local communities as quickly as possible.

Important information about accessing the MCM from the SNS program:RSS
  • The MCM from the SNS is free to everyone;
  • The SNS has enough MCMs to protect people in several large cities at the same time;
  • All local Indiana communities have plans in place to provide the medicine to all who need them; and
  • In case of an emergency requiring local MCM distribution, information on dispensing locations will be available via local media outlets, their respective social media platforms, local public health departments and the IDOH.