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The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) is committed to conducting its business transactions with the health care provider community as efficiently as possible. Therefore, ISDH/CSHCS invites all participating providers to utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to submit transactions for the Children's Special Health Care Services Program (CSHCS). The CSHCS Program can accept all HIPAA transactions according to HIPAA regulations.


The CSHCS Program has the ability to accept real-time claim submission. This will enable providers to directly submit their claims. Clean claims will be processed quickly and claims with errors will be routed for review.


For more detailed information regarding electronic transactions, please contact EDI Solutions in the Office of HIPAA Compliance at 1-317-233-9803 or 1-800-475-1355 and select option 5, then option 1.

Dear Trading Partners


The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has migrated our systems to HIPAA Transactions and Codes Sets Version 5010 and NCPCP version D.0 effective 1/1/2012 and is only accepting electronic transactions in those versions.



Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the ISDH EDI helpdesk by phone at 1-317-233-9803 (local), 1-800-475-1355 option 5, then option 1 or if you are a trading partner, via restricted email at edimail@isdh.in.gov.


This email address is restricted and is for use by electronic data interchange trading partners only—if you are not a trading partner, please contact the CSHCS Program by phone at 1-317-233-1351 or 1-800-475-1355, or via email at cshcscarecoordinatio@isdh.in.gov



Electronic Data Interchange/Trading Partner Agreement Forms:


Companion Guides /Payer Sheets/Testing Requirements: