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Overdose Fatality Review

Why Overdose Fatality Review?

Vital records, such as death certificates, are important for tracking quantitative data. However numbers are not enough. The context surrounding that death is essential to learn how to help learn how to prevent that type of death from happening again. Fatality Review teams meet this needs by providing the information about the who, what, where, when, how and why.

For more information:

Coroner Suicide Investigation Form:

As a part of the Suicide Learning Collaborative’s Indiana Suicide Prevention Resources Toolkit, a Coroner suicide investigation form was created. This form is based off of a form from Colorado (https://cdphe.colorado.gov/suicide-prevention/suicide-investigation-form). The purpose of the form is to capture risk factor and circumstance data in suspected or known cases of suicide, as well as general mortality information to be used in prevention efforts. This form is not to determine possible negligence or accountability.

Full Form

For a quicker version of the full form, there is a supplementary two-page form for both adult and youth deaths. These forms eliminate the demographic information that may be captured in other forms and can be used as supplementary suicide investigation tools with a regular death investigation form.

Supplemental Form - Adult

Supplemental Form - Youth

Interested in starting or joining a team?

Contact: Caitlyn Short at CShort1@isdh.in.gov or 317-519-6179.