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Heart Healthy Hoosiers

The Heart Healthy Hoosiers Program provides free health screenings for cardiovascular disease and diabetes to all adults 18 and older living in Indiana. The program is offered at various community events and through targeted health care systems located in rural areas and among minority populations.

All participants will receive a preliminary health screening, including a blood draw. Program providers will discuss blood panel and health screening results with the participant and will refer them to their choice of lifestyle behavior change program, such as the Diabetes Prevention Program, Eat Smart Move More, self-monitoring blood pressure programs, and several others. Six to eight months after the participant’s initial health screening, they will be contacted by a program provider and invited to return for a follow-up health screening to see if their health improved.

Heart Healthy

Targeted populations include those who have not received preventive health screenings during the COVID-19 pandemic and/or those who are at higher risk of adverse side-effects from COVID-19 due to risk factors such as overweight, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other cardiovascular related risk factors. Target counties include rural counties and those with lower vaccination rates based on Indiana Department of Health vaccination data.  Referrals to COVID-19 tests and/or vaccines will occur at these screening events and/or may be available at the screening site itself.

Heart Healthy Hoosiers aims to increase access to COVID-19 resources, vaccines, and tests as well as lifestyle change programs. The program also aims to improve participants’ health by promoting long-lasting heart healthy lifestyles through screenings and lifestyle change programs, decreasing risk for adverse effects of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible?

All adults, 18 years and over, who live in Indiana, regardless of income or insurance.

Where do screenings take place?

At various community events and within participating health systems. Contact Lauren Casey if you would like more information about finding an event or health system.

What happens at the screening?

You will fill out a survey asking about your demographic information and health habits. You will then receive a health screening, including height, weight, blood pressure, and hip circumference measurements, a blood lipid panel, and a diabetes blood test. A program provider will discuss your screening results with you and refer you to any needed COVID-19 resources and/or a lifestyle change program.

What happens after the screening?

If you are interested, you will be enrolled into your choice of lifestyle change resource. You will be engaged in the program for six to eight months, depending on the resource, and will then be contacted to come back for a rescreen to reassess your health. The same tests performed at the initial health screening will be performed at the rescreen. Completion of a lifestyle change program is not required to receive a rescreen.

For more information and details on the Heart Healthy Hoosiers Program, contact:

Lauren Casey, Heart Healthy Hoosiers Coordinator

Indiana Department of Health

Laura Heinrich, Cardiovascular Section Director

Indiana Department of Health