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Adoption Information

Medical History Information for Adopted Persons

A 1985 amendment to the adoption laws of the State of Indiana initiated a medical history program to be administered by the State Registrar of Vital Records. In accordance with the changes made by Public Law 282/1985, the INDIANA ADOPTION MEDICAL HISTORY REGISTRY was established on January 1, 1986. This Registry is the central depository for the storage and release of medical information filed on two reporting forms.

Comprehensive Medical Report
All new adoption proceedings with petitions for adoption filed in any Indiana court after January 1, 1986, must include a Comprehensive Medical Report. This report reflects the health status and medical history of the adoptee and the adoptee's birth parents.
Voluntary Medical Report
Any person may voluntarily transmit medical information to benefit an adopted person to the State Registrar for inclusion in the medical history files of the Registry regardless of the date of adoption.

Individuals who were adopted in Indiana after January 1, 1986, may have one or more reports in the Registry. The Comprehensive Medical Report, filed when they were adopted, reflects the best known information at that time. Any subsequent changes that may affect this medical history can be filed with supplementary Voluntary Medical Reports.

A person adopted prior to January 1, 1986, may have information in the Registry; however, this is dependent upon someone having knowledge of the facts filing a Voluntary Medical Report. The forms for this purpose are distributed to requesting individuals and Indiana Licensed Child Placement Agencies.

Indiana Putative Father Registry

A putative father registry has been established to determine the identity and location of an undisclosed putative father who may have conceived a child for whom an adoption petition has been or may be filed in order to provide notice of the adoption to the putative father.

A "putative father" is a man who may be a child's father, but who is not married to the child's mother on or before the date that the child is born or who has not established paternity of the child in a court proceeding before the filing of an adoption petition for the child. A putative father whose identity is not disclosed by the child's mother to an attorney or agency arranging the adoption, must register to be entitled to receive notice of the child's adoption.

To register, contact:

Putative Father Registry
Indiana State Dept. of Health
2 North Meridian Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax: (317) 233-1289

Obtaining Information

For Adoptions Finalized prior to January 1, 1994

Identifying Information
The law requires that the Indiana State Registrar, the Family Social Services Administration (FSSA), county divisions of family and children, child placement agencies, health care providers, and courts release identifying information if both the adult adoptee (age 21 and over) and a birth parent (if named on the original birth record) file a written consent form with the office of the State Registrar. An authorization letter will then be sent to the listed agencies permitting the disclosure of identifying information from their files. If both birth parents named on the original birth certificate are deceased, then only the adoptee's permission for the release is required. If the adoptee is deceased, then only the birth parent's (if named on the birth certificate) consent is required. Proof of their death is required, however. The Indiana State Registrar will conduct a search of death certificates to help determine if the adoptee or birth parents died in Indiana.
Download State Form 47896 - Identifying Information Consent Form
Non-Identifying Information
Indiana adoption law permits he Indiana State Registrar, the FSSA, the county divisions of family and children, child placement agencies, health care providers, adoption attorneys, and courts to release non-identifying information. An adult adoptee, a birth parent, an adoptive parent, a pre-adoptive sibling, or the spouse or relative of a deceased birth parent or adoptee may request non-identifying information by sending a written request to any of the above listed parties. A photocopy of signature identification must accompany this request.
Download State Form 47897 - Non-identifying Information Consent Form

For Adoptions Finalized after December 31, 1993

Identifying Information
For adoptions finalized after December 31, 1993: An adult adoptee (age 21 or over) or the adoptive parents of an adoptee who is under age 21 may request information concerning the identity and location of any pre-adoptive siblings of adoptee, may receive identifying information by sending written request, along with signature identification, to the Indiana State Registrar at the Indiana State Department of Health. The Indiana State Registrar, the FSSA, county division of family and children, child placement agencies, health care providers, adoption attorneys, and courts are required to release identifying information unless a birth parent has filed a written non-release form with the State Registrar.
In addition to requesting identifying information, an adult adoptee (age 21 or over) or an adult pre-adoptive sibling (age 21 or over) or the adoptive parents of an adoptee may request information
If you would like the Office of the State Registrar to conduct a search for medical information for the adoptee, please fill out State form SF47261. Mail a copy of signature identification and this completed form to the address below. Allow 4?6 weeks for processing of your request.
Mail it to:
Indiana State Department of Health
P.O. BOX 7125


Identifying Information Indiana Adoption History Registration - State Form 47896
Non-Identifying Information Indiana Adoption History Registration - State Form 47897
Indiana Adoption Medical History Report - State Form 9966
Record of Adoption (State Form 05438)
Indiana Putative Father Registration (State form 46750)
Adoption History Registration Program Birth Parent Nonrelease Form (State Form 46392)