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Health Science

Health Science Education is a rich content area that prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in the field of healthcare through technical instruction in the classroom, experiential education in the laboratory setting, work-based learning opportunities in clinical settings, and leadership skills through the student based organization, HOSA: Future Health Professionals. Work-based learning may include job shadowing, internships, and other clinical experiences that allow students the opportunity to observe and learn from healthcare professionals.


  • Indiana HOSA – Future Health Professionals
  • HOSA is a career and technical student organization of, by and for students who:
    • Are or were enrolled in secondary, postsecondary/collegiate health science education courses
    • Are interested, planning to pursue, or pursuing a career in the health professions
  • HOSA – Future Health Professionals
    • Resources” section of the website contains many useful publications (e.g. HOSA Handbook, New Local Advisor Handbook, Policy and Procedures, etc.), tools (e.g. membership Best Practices, HOSA Webinars and Video Tutorials, E-Magazine, etc.) and other resources

Health Science Standards

Career Pathways

Resources for Health Science Education

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Indiana ACTE Professional Development Conference September 22-23, 2017 – Health Science Breakout Sessions – PowerPoint presentations

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