On-line and In Person Advocacy Training Programs and Other Resources

ADA Indiana(www.adaIndiana.org) Provides Americans with Disabilities Act training and information about audio conferences, webinars and online training about all aspects of the ADA. Past webinars and audio conferences are archived.

Disability Rights Course (http://www.humancentereddesign.org/neada/disabilityrights/Welcome.htm) A free, self-paced course that provides a general understanding of the major federal disability laws, what laws apply in different scenarios, and resources for help and information.

IN-Data (http://www.eastersealstech.com/category/accessibility-minute/ ) Provides face to face training on assistive tech and device demonstration as well as 6 minute You Tube updates on the latest assistive technology, and Accessibility Minute podcasts which can be viewed on line or subscribed to.

Family Voices Indiana (http://fvindiana.org/training) Provides information on a variety of on line and in person trainings for parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs including training on accessing health care options, parent/professional partnerships, maximizing Waiver dollars, and more.

INSOURCE (http://www.insource.org/training.htm) Provides free podcasts, on line and in person training on special education and similar topics including bullying prevention, parent volunteer training, special needs foster care and more.

Ask-About Special Kids (http://www.aboutspecialkids.org/Training.aspx) Provides free online training on Indiana Article 7 special education law and in person training on other topics for a small fee to cover expenses.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism in Bloomington (http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/index.php?pageId=276) Provides information specific to Autism including on line modules designed for families.

Consumer Investment Fund (CIF) (www.in.gov/gpcpd/2328.htm ) A Council program that uses an application process to provide partial reimbursement of costs for state and national conferences and seminars to enable people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities to attend.

On Line Partners in Policymaking http://mn.gov/mnddc/pipm/online.html The national Partners in Policymaking website provides part of the curricula in the form of five free self directed e-learning classes which include certificates of completion:

  1. Partners in Living - seven-hour course on self-determination, family support, community living and assistive technology
  2. Partners in Time - eight-hour on the history of society's treatment of people with disabilities
  3. Partners in Education - three-hour course on how to understand and maximize the special education system
  4. Partners in Making Your Case - three-hour course is on the legislative process, good advocacy, researching issues, and advocating for systems change. Includes a link to a free app, "Telling Your Story," which is available for I-phone, I-pad, and Kindle Fire HD
  5. Partners in Employment - six-hour course is designed to help people with disabilities find meaningful jobs and plan a career