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Consumer Guide to Indiana Medicaid Waiver Home and Community Based Waiver Services Programs Fourth Edition: March 2007

This 46 page Guide is designed to help people with disabilities and their families understand Indiana's Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Program as well as a variety of other home and community services funded by various programs in Indiana. It explains the services available, application process, how to choose a provider, what to do if there are problems, lists additional resources for information or assistance and more. It will help you understand how to navigate the system to insure the services you get are effective and meet your needs. If you would like a print copy(s), provide your name, address, and the quantity you would like to: BWade@gpcpd.org, 317-232-7770, 317-233-3712 (fax).

Once you have reviewed the Guide, please take five minutes to complete and send back the Feed Back and Evaluation Survey. Your input will help us determine whether the Guide is a good investment of Council resources and will help us improve future editions.

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