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Hard copies of all Council publications are available free of charge. Quantities may be limited depending on supply. To order contact the Council office at 317-232-7770 or Council publications are available in alternate formats on request  People who wish to republish any portion of a Council newsletter or other publication, have permission to do so as long as appropriate credit is given.

Council Newsletter

  • Spark
    A bimonthly publication of the Council from 2010-2015.  Each 16 page issue focused on a single topic providing more in depth coverage on important topics and links to resources.

Livable Communities

  • Livable Comes to Life web version PDF
    Learn how 10 Indiana communities are using 10 different concepts to become more accessible, sustainable and welcoming.
  • A Gateway to Inclusion
    A progress report of the Council documenting our progress in advancing inclusion through the gateway of livability.

Public Policy, Research, and Policy Positions

Consumer Resources

Disability Awareness

  • Disable Disrespect
    This brochure is designed to enhance understanding and communication in interactions with people with disabilities. It provides information on how words and phrases help to shape societies perceptions of people with disabilities and suggestions for everyday interaction.
  • Responding to Disability: A Question of Attitude
    This questionnaire is designed to stimulate thinking and dialogue. It is not intended to test knowledge of disability or attitudes toward people with disabilities. As people increasingly find themselves in situations involving people who are disabled they need to make quick decisions on how to respond. This questionnaire provides an opportunity to think about situations involving people with disabilities, to respond, and then to consider the various responses more carefully.

Legislation, Voting, and Civic Participation

  • Your Vote is Your Voice: A Guide to Voting for Hoosiers with Disabilities
    This 54 page booklet provides information on voting including key dates, access requirements for polling places and voting machines, how to check to make sure you are registered, how to find out who your candidates are and research their records, different ways to cast your ballot, voter identification requirements, helpful resource groups and more.
  • The Legislative Process
    This brochure provides basic and meaningful information on the legislative process so you, too, can initiate change.
  • Forming a Community-based Advocacy Group
    This booklet details the fundamentals to help you succeed in forming an active community advocacy group.