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For Immediate Release: Aug 31, 2006
38 state employees receive Public Service Achievement Awards

INDIANAPOLIS (August 31, 2006) ? Governor Mitch Daniels today presented the second round of 2006 Governor?s Public Service Achievement Awards to 38 state employees representing 18 agencies.

?Services have been streamlined, hundreds of thousands of tax dollars have been saved, and efficiency has improved in many places because of talented state employees who take their responsibility to taxpayers seriously,? said Daniels. ?These are the kind of results that should be recognized and rewarded.?

The governor announced the Public Service Achievement Award in December 2005 to reward employees who improve efficiency, provide better service, and stretch tax dollars. For example, in this round, a team of employees from the Teachers? Retirement Fund is being rewarded for streamlining the process of collecting wage and contribution data and reducing the processing time by one full month per quarter. A field examiner from the State Board of Accounts is being honored for identifying public funds for recovery in excess of $1.2 million.

State agencies submit nominations of up to three individuals or teams for review and recommendation to the governor. Award winners receive a medallion and a check for $1,000. In February, the governor presented 52 state employees with this award.

A list of award recipients is available at: