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For Immediate Release: Jun 8, 2006
State sells three surplus aircraft

INDIANAPOLIS (June 8, 2006) ? The first phase of an effort to reduce the state?s fleet of aircraft has resulted in the sale of two helicopters and one airplane. This is part of a long-term plan to identify unused or underutilized state-owned assets, including aircraft, vehicles, real estate, and office equipment. The aircraft sold for a total of $684,999.

?The great garage sale of unneeded government assets continues. Every dollar we can generate from property we don?t need brings us one step closer to ending the state?s fiscal insolvency,? said Daniels.

The second round of state aircraft sales will begin later this month with bidding to conclude in July. Proceeds from the sale of the aircraft will be used to fund the purchase of replacement aircraft as needed over upcoming years, for an eventual state aircraft fleet of 12. The state owned 20 aircraft in January 2005.

The aircraft sold are:

1985 McDonnell Douglas Helicopter ? Model MD500E (369E)

  • The helicopter was sold to a California resident for $403,999
  • The Indiana State Police (ISP) used the helicopter for transportation, search and rescue, and routine patrol and surveillance until 2003 when the only pilot trained to fly the model retired.
  • It was originally purchased for about $450,000 (less a $65,000 for a trade)

1972 Bell Helicopter ? Model OH58

  • The helicopter was sold to Brent Milhon of Martinsville for $215,000.
  • The ISP acquired the helicopter at no cost from a federal surplus program in 1996 to use for marijuana eradication efforts and routine patrol and surveillance but is no longer used.

1972 Beechcraft Baron Twin Engine Airplane ? Model E55

  • The airplane was sold to Agriflight Services of Wakarusa for $66,000
  • The ISP purchased the airplane in 1986 for $75,000 (less $35,000 for a trade)
  • The airplane has not been used for two years

Since January 2005, $2.98 million dollars has been collected by the state through the auction of more than 2,000 motor vehicles. As state agencies continue to work to make Indiana?s vehicle fleet smaller and more efficient, the Indiana Department of Administration is implementing a statewide fleet management system to better track vehicle usage. Annual cost savings of $3.5 million to $5 million are expected through more efficient use of the state?s smaller vehicle fleet.

Steve Stombaugh was appointed to head the newly created Aviation Division of the Indiana Department of Administration in October 2005. He is charged with the consolidation and management of state-owned aircraft, including fleet reduction and replacement activities.

A list of all properties that have been identified as surplus to date is included here: