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For Immediate Release: Jun 22, 2006
Governor, daughter meet Indianapolis teen touring Japan to fulfill life dream

Tokyo, Japan (June 22, 2006) - Governor Mitch Daniels and his youngest daughter, Maggie, visited with Indianapolis-native Case Calvert on the day he realized his life dream, touring a Japanese animation studio.

"This is the most fun I'll have on this whole trip," said Daniels. "Case is a remarkable young man who views his difficult life circumstances with a positive outlook and inspiring courage. I hope the Calverts enjoyed our lunch half as much as I really enjoyed meeting them."

Calvert, 18, has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His form of the disease will eventually attack his heart muscles.

Calvert began his day before dawn meeting Maggie Daniels at the Ota Fish Market. The market is a top attraction of tourists as thousands of tons of the freshly caught seafood is auctioned and shipped to restaurants in a matter of hours each morning. After their stop at the fish market, the Calvert family joined the governor and Maggie for a traditional Japanese style lunch.

During lunch, Case discussed his plans to pursue a career in graphic design. Case graduated from Lutheran High School in Indianapolis this spring. His school privately raised the funds to send Case and his family to Japan.

"I was thrilled to be able to share this experience with the Calvert family," said Maggie Daniels. "Case is such a spirited person, with such a great sense of humor. I hope his visit to Japan is an uplifting experience that he can share with other young people. It was fun spending part of the day with him and getting to know his family."

Following lunch, Case and his family planned to watch Japanese artists bring their animated designs to life. They plan to spend the rest of the week touring parts of Japan and returning to Indiana next week.

This is Maggie Daniels' second trip to Asia with her father. In addition to spending the day with Case and his family, Maggie passed along the best wishes of Hoosiers in Indiana's sister-state, the Tochigi Prefecture. She also visited Hoosier exchange students studying in Japan.

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