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For Immediate Release: May 12, 2006
Governor recommends termination of Criminal Justice Institute executive director

INDIANAPOLIS (May 12, 2006) ? Governor Mitch Daniels is recommending today that the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) Board of Trustees terminate the Institute?s executive director, Heather Bolejack, and a deputy director, Katalina Gullans. The recommendation is based on findings of an ongoing Inspector General (IG) investigation. Upon completion, Daniels also has authorized the IG to submit his report to state and federal prosecutors for further review.

The Governor placed Bolejack on administrative leave April 25, upon the IG?s recommendation pending completion of a review.

According to the IG, the office initiated an investigation on February 3 after receiving a tip from a whistleblower. The investigation involves irregular travel expense reimbursements and the award of a grant to a Bolejack family friend without disclosure to or approval by the ICJI Board.

?The Inspector General briefed the governor Thursday afternoon, and the governor immediately recommended these terminations. At a minimum, evidence suggests unacceptable misconduct and poor judgment. Whether any actions are more serious is a matter for prosecutors to decide,? said Mark Massa, the governor?s general counsel. ?The governor demanded tougher ethics rules and an Inspector General to police them precisely to make sure situations like this are dealt with promptly and forcefully.?

By state law, the ICJI Board employs an executive director nominated by the governor. The board ratified Bolejack?s appointment in April 2005.

Jon von Arx, the chairman of the Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana, and Jason Barclay, special counsel to the governor for public safety and chairman of the board of trustees of the Criminal Justice Institute, will continue to oversee the daily operations of the Institute.

Since its creation in 2005, the Inspector General has made 42 referrals to prosecutors and achieved over $4 million in savings. In 2005, the IG issued more than 500 ethics advisory opinions.