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For Immediate Release: Feb 22, 2006
52 state employees receive Public Service Achievement Awards

INDIANAPOLIS (February 22, 2006) ? Governor Mitch Daniels today presented the first Governor?s Public Service Achievement Awards to 52 state employees representing 21 agencies. This program for state employees was created by the governor as the state moves towards a pay-for-performance model.

?We are bringing state government into line with the rest of life where people doing the best work see that reflected in better compensation,? said Daniels. ?As we improve efficiency in state government, those who deliver measurably better results for taxpayers deserve better recognition and tangible rewards.?

The governor announced the Public Service Achievement Award in December 2005 to reward employees who improve efficiency, provide better service, and stretch tax dollars.

State agencies submit nominations of individuals or teams for review and recommendation to the governor. Award winners receive a medal and $1,000. In 2006, approximately 100 employees will receive this award during two ceremonies.

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