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For Immediate Release: Jan 3, 2006
Phase-in planned for truck tolls on Indiana Toll Road

INDIANAPOLIS (January 3, 2006) ? Governor Mitch Daniels said today toll increases for trucks traveling the Indiana Toll Road will be phased in over a four-year period rather than implemented at one time.

That means, for example, that tolls for semi-trucks (Class 5) would increase to $18 later this year and rise to $32 in 2009, rather than implementing the entire rate increase at once.

Representatives of the trucking industry said in response to the original Major Moves proposal ? which would have increased tolls 113 percent this year ? that they would have difficulty adjusting contracts in a way that would maintain travel on the Toll Road as a viable option.

?During the comment period, we?ve listened carefully to public input, and, we conferred closely with leaders of the trucking industry. Because Indiana seeks to become a logistics and distribution capital, in particular, we have made modifications to our original plan to respond to public concerns that we not induce any diversion of traffic off the Indiana Toll Road and onto state and local roads,? said Daniels.

The proposed rule, which will be published in the Indiana Register on February 1, will include this toll increase structure:

  • Class 2 (auto and trailer; 2 axles, 6 tires), $8 each year
  • Class 3 (3 axles), $9.25 in 2006; $10, 2007; $10.75, 2008; $11.75, 2009
  • Class 4 (4 axles), $13.75 in 2006; $17.50, 2007; $21, 2008; $24.50, 2009
  • Class 5 (5 axles), $18 in 2006; $22.50, 2007; $27.25, 2008; $32, 2009
  • Class 6 (6 axles), $21 in 2006; $26.50, 2007; $32, 2008; $37.50, 2009
  • Class 7 (7 axles), $39 in 2006; $49.25, 2007; $59.50, 2008; $69.75, 2009

Public hearings on the proposed increase are scheduled for March 2 in South Bend and March 3 in Indianapolis. The time and location of the hearings will be announced closer to the meeting dates.

Tolls for all vehicles traveling the Indiana Toll Road have not increased since 1985. The governor?s Major Moves plan would restore transportation funding to levels that will promote economic growth and prosperity across Indiana, including providing more funds to meet maintenance needs on the Toll Road as well as local road projects.