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For Immediate Release: Sep 9, 2005
Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 7
Operation Hoosier Relief

Operation Hoosier Relief

Daily Update – Day 7

September 9, 2005


Mission Assignments:

  • DNR escorted medical personnel to assist people in the Back Bay of Biloxi and performed water patrols – which included intercepting possible looters in the area.


  • 3 DNR boats, 2 ISP boats, 4 ATVs ran re-supplies to people requesting food and water.


  • 10 DNR Forestry personnel plus 2 Conservation Officers worked in D’Iberville area to clear 157 trees in a residential area.


  • Medical teams treated approximately 50 people in Back Bay of Biloxi and treated a member of the Georgia National Guard for acute heat stroke.


Evacuee Assistance:

  • State continued preparations for possible arrival of evacuees on Sunday. No timetable or number of evacuees has been established.


  • Indiana is currently home to an estimated 2,000 evacuees.  (Please note this number is subject to frequent updates as more evacuees register with state agencies and the American Red Cross).


  • Indiana is encouraging all evacuees residing in Indiana to call the following toll-free number to register with the state and make themselves available for state assistance – 866-679-4631


State Government Action:

  • Governor Mitch Daniels signed an Executive Order authorizing state agency heads to take administrative actions to facilitate relief efforts and evacuee assistance, and cope with the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina for a period of no longer than 90 days.


  • The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will now process duplicate identification cards and duplicate driver licenses for Gulf State evacuees currently in the Hoosier State.


  • The Indiana Gaming Commission agreed to temporarily honor the gaming licenses of Gulf Coast Casino workers to work on Indiana Riverboat Casinos.


  • INDOT is deploying two Hoosier Helpers vans to Mississippi to assist with the hurricane recovery effort.


Volunteer Efforts:

  • Hoosiers interested in volunteering to help Katrina victims SHOULD NOT self deploy.  All volunteers should be coordinated through Indiana’s Emergency Operations Center.


Anyone interested in volunteering should contact INVOAD online at or at 866-909-4673.