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For Immediate Release: Sep 26, 2005
Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 24
Operation Hoosier Relief

Operation Hoosier Relief

Daily Update – Day 24

September 26, 2005


Mission Assignments:

  • The third deployment of resources from Indiana for Operation Hoosier Relief will depart later this week.  This next deployment will include:
    • 32 State Police personnel
    • 30 local law enforcement officers
    • 31 medical personnel
    • 20 DNR personnel
    • 6 Department of Homeland Security personnel


  • DNR officials joined forces with marine units from North Carolina to participate in recovery and assistance missions in Hancock County.


  • DNR discovered a large debris field on a routine patrol.  DNR will be returning to the area with K-9 teams to search for victims.


  • Indiana State Police and local law enforcement officers from Indiana continue their patrols around Biloxi.  Law enforcement officers responded to dozens of calls for assistance and routine police matters. 


  • The medical teams treated approximately 500 patients and dispensed 225 vaccinations.  The medical team is also working with a Vietnamese doctor and pharmacist to establish a mobile clinic to assist the area’s Vietnamese population.  Operation Hoosier Relief is donating overstocked medications to the clinic. 


  • The medical team is exploring the possibility of establishing a new clinic in a Baptist church at the request of the neighborhood.  This clinic would also serve the nearby Head Start center.


  • Hoosier Helper crews traveled 450 miles and made 56 stops to provide assistance and investigate abandoned vehicles.


Evacuee Assistance:

  • Indiana is currently home to an estimated 4,600 guests from Hurricane Katrina.


  • Indiana is encouraging all evacuees residing in Indiana to call the following toll-free number to register with the state and make themselves available for state assistance – 866-679-4631.


Volunteer Efforts:

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact INVOAD online at or at 866-909-4673.