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For Immediate Release: Sep 23, 2005
Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 21
Operation Hoosier Relief

Operation Hoosier Relief

Daily Update – Day 21

September 23, 2005


Hurricane Rita:

  • Governor Mitch Daniels will today sign Executive Order 05-28 that authorizes the sale of October blends of gasoline prior to October 1.  Gasoline is blended specifically for particular times of the year to control pollution.  “October Gas” is already in supply and awaiting distribution.  This move will bolster fuel supplies in the wake of Hurricane Rita.


  • The Daniels’ Administration informed the administration of Texas Governor Rick Perry that Indiana stands ready to provide assistance, if the need arises. 


  • Indiana has an existing agreement to provide assistance in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina that could be exercised and modified if the need arises following Hurricane Rita. 


  • The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is currently evaluating the state’s resources to respond to possible requests for assistance due to Hurricane Rita while maintaining the state’s appropriate level of preparedness and the ongoing efforts in Mississippi.


Mission Assignments in Mississippi:

  • Indiana Department of Natural Resources officials continue patrolling waterways in and around Biloxi.  Team members report encountering a greater number of people fishing and are advising fishermen of the health risks associated with eating fish from contaminated waterways.


  • Indiana State Police officers continue their patrols around Biloxi.  Troopers assisted in 46 citations or arrests and provided security during a visit by actress Whoopi Goldberg.


  • The medical teams reached a milestone.  Since the beginning of “Operation Hoosier Relief” nearly three weeks ago, the Indiana medical teams have served more than 10,000 people in Biloxi, Mississippi and other parts of Southern Mississippi.


  • Hoosier Helpers made approximately 50 stops to provide assistance and investigate abandoned vehicles.  They also distributed MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) to homeless and hungry victims they encountered on the roadways.


Evacuee Assistance:

  • Indiana is currently home to an estimated 4,600 guests from Hurricane Katrina.


  • Indiana is encouraging all evacuees residing in Indiana to call the following toll-free number to register with the state and make themselves available for state assistance – 866-679-4631.


Volunteer Efforts:

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact INVOAD online at or at 866-909-4673.