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For Immediate Release: Sep 22, 2005
Operation Hoosier Relief daily update - day 20
Operation Hoosier Relief

Operation Hoosier Relief

Daily Update – Day 20

September 22, 2005


Operation Hoosier Relief Team Members:

            Law Enforcement                                   61

Indiana National Guard                            52

Medical                                                 32

Department of Natural Resources             31

Mental Health                                         10

Homeland Security/Operations                 8

Department of Corrections                      4

INDOT                                                 2 

Total Team Members                                    200


Mission Assignments:

  • The Indiana Department of Homeland Security continues to closely monitor Hurricane Rita.  The storm currently poses no direct threat to Camp Indiana; however DNR Marine Patrols in the Gulf will remain closer to shore as Rita develops.


  • DNR officials spent the day working to clear debris from the homes of local law enforcement officers.  Many of these officers have been preoccupied with their duties and have not been able to address their own personal needs.


  • DNR marine teams are patrolling the Gulf of Mexico at night.  These patrols will also begin tonight in areas immediately outside of Biloxi.


  • Indiana State Police continue performing round-the-clock patrols around Biloxi.  ISP also recently began providing security at a Salvation Army station.  ISP reports making a number of drug, curfew, and looting arrests.


  • The medical and mental health teams treated over 1,000 patients and dispensed over 270 inoculations.  The Mental Health team also visited a Women Infants and Children (WIC) clinic and a center which provides help to low income people. 


  • Hoosier Helper crews traveled over 260 miles and made 40 stops to provide assistance and investigate abandoned vehicles.


Evacuee Assistance:

  • Indiana is encouraging all evacuees residing in Indiana to call the following toll-free number to register with the state and make themselves available for state assistance – 866-679-4631.


Volunteer Efforts:

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact INVOAD online at or at 866-909-4673.