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For Immediate Release: Aug 10, 2005
Governor Daniels uses Pentagon meeting to promote Crane

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 10, 2005) –  Governor Mitch Daniels today made the case for maintaining and strengthening the military value of Crane Surface Naval Warfare Center, telling a top Pentagon official that the base is well positioned to support “special missions” of the U.S. military.


Daniels met with Under Secretary of the Navy Daniel M. Aviles to discuss Crane’s capabilities, following the governor’s testimony to the Base Realignment and Closure  Commission (BRAC).


In his testimony concerning the Defense Finance and Accounting Center (DFAS) in Lawrence, IN, Daniels also reiterated the importance of the Crane operations in southwestern Indiana.


“Crane is vital to the U.S. Navy and vital to Indiana.  It is important to focus on growing Crane as opposed to moving jobs from it,” Daniels said.


The Department of Defense, in its May 13 recommendations to BRAC, has called for the transfer of more than 400 jobs from Crane to other military installations.


Daniels noted that the move could disrupt Crane’s ability to supply the military for “special missions,” which now benefit from Crane’s ability to integrate weapons, munitions, demolitions, night vision and electronics.  Crane’s manufacturing and technical abilities also allow it to respond quickly to specific requests.


At a BRAC hearing on June 20th in St. Louis, Indiana representatives proposed establishing a "Special Missions" specialty site at Crane to continue those capabilities.


Supporters have also presented the proposal to BRAC staff.


“I am pleased to report that these discussions are being conducted in a highly professional fashion by both sides and our suggestions appear to be receiving the most thoughtful consideration,” Daniels told the BRAC Commission today. “We remain hopeful that this dialogue will lead to optimum results for the installation and the warfighters it serves so well.”