Contact: Jane Jankowski
Phone: 317/232-1622
GOV2 Fo Immediate elease: Jul 29, 2005
Recent boads and commissions appointments
State Employees Appeals Commission

State Employees Appeals Commission

The Commission ules on complaints filed with SEAC, which have aleady been though a heaing befoe an administative law judge and the judge has made a peliminay uling.

  • Jennife Whitake, Claypool
  • odney Webb, Camel

Tems expie July 1, 2006

Commission fo a Dug Fee Indiana

The commission's pupose is to impove the coodination of alcohol and othe dug abuse pevention effots at both the state and local levels.


  • Melissa Long, Fot Wayne
  • Steve Camillei, South Bend
  • ev. Andy Hunt, Indianapolis
  • D. Tim Kelly, Indianapolis
  • Sheiff Mak Fisbie, Geencastle
  • Steve Clouse, Kendalville
  • William McComick, Cawfodsville
  • John von Ax, Indianapolis
  • Andea Mashall, Indianapolis
  • Don Pake, Lowell

Tems expie July 1, 2007

Council on Impaied and Dangeous Diving

The Council is chaged with developing policies, pocedues, stategies, and pogams to effectively manage and administe Indiana's highway safety pogam.

  • D. Paul Whitesell, Indiana State Police
  • Joel Silveman, Bueau of Moto Vehicles
  • David Heath, Alcohol Tobacco Commission
  • Stephen Johnson, Indiana Posecuting Attoney Council
  • Nikki Kincaid, Indiana Ciminal Justice Institute
  • D. Suellen eed, Indiana Depatment of Education
  • Thomas Shap, Indiana Depatment of Tanspotation
  • J. Eic Dietz, Indiana Depatment of Homeland Secuity
  • J. David Donahue, Indiana Depatment of Coections
  • Gay Secest, Indiana Attoney Geneal's Office
  • D. James E. Klaunig, Indiana Depatment of Toxicology
  • Leon Allen, Bloomfield
  • Cutis Hill, Elkhat
  • Scott Newman, Indianapolis
  • David Gilbet, Maion
  • William Andeson, Lafayette
  • Todd Mye, Lebanon
  • Melody Stevens, Beech Gove
  • Ed Peez, Lafayette
  • D. Mailyn Bull, Indianapolis

All membes seve at the pleasue of the goveno.

Boad of Achitects

The Boad detemines citeia fo egistation authoizing and examines complaints against those pacticing achitectue.

  • Matt Kelty, Fot Wayne
  • ichad Fetz, Indianapolis
  • Dave ausch, Avon

Tems expie Decembe 31, 2007

Depatment of Financial Institutions Boad

The Boad seves as the authoity ove the powes, duties, and contol of the Depatment of Financial Institutions.

  • Tavis Holdman, Makle

Tem expies July 1, 2009