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For Immediate Release: Jul 22, 2005
Largest group in Indiana history joins Governor to attract jobs and investment from East Asia
INDIANAPOLIS (July 22, 2005) – Governor Mitch Daniels today announced the largest delegation in Indiana history will join him next week on a mission to attract new jobs and investment from Asia

INDIANAPOLIS (July 22, 2005) Governor Mitch Daniels today announced the largest delegation in Indiana history will join him next week on a mission to attract new jobs and investment from Asia. This is the first time the Governor of Indiana has taken an economic development trip to Japan and Taiwan in eight years.

To bring jobs to Indiana, we must pursue all avenues, including foreign investment, said Daniels. The overwhelming amount of support being shown by leaders throughout the state sends a strong message to the Asian business community that Indiana is serious about forging relationships for future economic growth.

The 78-person state delegation includes six members of the Indiana General Assembly and seven mayors; representatives of three Indiana universities, including Ball State President Dr. Jo Ann Gora; 25 business leaders; and 23 local economic development officials. In addition to Governor Daniels, the state will be represented by Secretary of Commerce Pat Miller, IEDC President Mickey Maurer, and Agriculture Department Director Andy Miller.

Representing the state at universities and cultural events in Taiwan and Japan will be two of Governor Daniels' daughters, Maggie Daniels and Meagan Niese. The governor will personally pay for the trip expenses of his daughters.

The state delegation will depart Indianapolis on July 30 and return on August 7. The governor will meet with government leaders in Taiwan and Japan as well as business leaders from potential investors including Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Fuji Heavy Industries, among others. The delegation will also host three business seminars for potential investors, visit the Tochigi Prefecture Indiana's sister-state in Japan and tour the World Expo in Nagoya, Japan. The trip will conclude with a reception for Japanese business leaders prior to the Indianapolis Colts versus Atlanta Falcons preseason game at the Tokyo Dome.

The cost of the state delegation is being covered entirely through private donations to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation Foundation and utilizes no tax dollars.

Asia Economic Development Delegation List


State of Indiana

Mitch Daniels                       Governor

Maggie Daniels                   First Family*

Meagan Niese                      First Family*

Joel Niese                             First Family*

Stephen J. Akard                  International Development Director, IEDC

Kai Chuck                              Asian Economic Development, IEDC

Nathan J. Feltman                Vice President, IEDC

Michael S. Maurer               President, IEDC

Patricia R. Miller                   Secretary of Commerce

Beth Bechdol                        Deputy Director, Indiana Department of Agriculture

Andy Miller                          Director, Indiana Department of Agriculture



Terri J. Austin                       House Technology Committee

B. Patrick Bauer                    House Minority Leader

Randy Borror                        Chairman, House Commerce Committee

Brian C.  Bosma                    Speaker of the House

Robert Jackman D.V.M.      Senate Commerce Committee

James W. Merritt                  Senate Majority Caucus Chairman



Kevin S. Smith                      City of Anderson                                                

Jonathan Weinzapfel           City of Evansville                                                

Nancy A. Michael                City of Greencastle                                                             

Wayne Seybold                   City of Marion                                                     

James E. Bullard                   City of Seymour                                                  

Gayle Strassell                      City of Tell City                                                   

Terry D. Mooney                 City of Vincennes                                                               



Dr. Jo Ann M. Gora             President, Ball State University                                                        

Patrick O'Meara                    Indiana University                                                              

Joseph B. Hornett                                Purdue Research Foundation                                                           



Patrick Dooley                      BAA Indianapolis (Indianapolis Int'l Airport)

Greg Winkler                         City of Anderson                                                

Theresa A. Kulczak             Japan-America Society of Indiana   

Robert E. Hutchings            Cinergy/PSI                                                          

Mary V. Powelson               Clearcrest Pines                                                   

Dr. Richard C. Lind              Delphi Electronics & Safety                                                              

Takayasu Hara                     Fifth Third Bank                                                  

Clinton B. Sommer               Fifth Third Bank                                                  

Harold Force                         Force Construction Co., Inc.                                                             

Melissa  Reese                     Ice Miller                                                              

Edwin J. Simcox                    Indiana Energy Association                                                             

Edward J. Nelson                 Indiana Packers                                                   

Jason W. Tolliver                 Indianapolis Power & Light Company                                                            

Jeffrey A. Willman               Indianapolis Power & Light Company                                                            

Larry Ingraham                     Ingraham & Associates, Inc.                                                            

Hideyuki Kawashima           M-J Insurance, Inc.                                                             

Randolph L. Snyder             National City                                                        

Donald L. Babcock              NIPSCO                                                

Mark T.  Maassel                 NIPSCO                                                

Kim Humphrey                     Old National Bank                                                               

William   Wylam                   Remy International                                                             

Kip E. Tom                            Tom Farms LLC/IEDC Board Member                                                             

Ronald E. Christian              Vectren                                                 

Douglas A. Karl                   Vectren                                                 

Sherry Rose                          Wabash Valley Power Association                                                 



Brooke E. Tuttle                   Columbus Economic Development Board                                                      

William Konyha                   Connersville Economic Develoment Group                                                    

Don A. Holbrook                 Economic Development Corp. of Wayne County, IN                                   

William   Martus                   Economic Development Corp. of Wayne County, IN                   

E. Roy Bud                            Energize - ECI                                                      

Anita Yamanaka-Bryan       Ft. Wayne/Allen County Alliance                                                   

Rob Young                            Ft. Wayne/Allen County Alliance                                                   

William A. Dory, Jr.             Greencastle/Putnam County Development Center, Inc.                                               

Harold Gutzwiller  Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership                                              

Andrea C. Hopper                Indy Partnership                                                 

Jim Plump                              Jackson Co. IDC                                                  

Gary L. Gentry                      Knox County Development Corporation                                                        

Cinda Kelley                         Lafayette - West Lafayette EDC                                                       

David Terrell                         Madison-Jefferson County Economic Development Corp                          

Christy K. Householder      Miami County Economic Development Authority                                                        

John S. Taylor                      Morgan County Economic Development Corporation                                 

J. Gregory Wathen               Perry County Development Corporation                                                        

Gregory S. Griffin Rush County Economic & Community Development Corp                                         

Gary L. Nielander Steuben County EDC                                                         

Steve Witt                             Terre Haute Economic Development Corp.                                                    

Kenneth Robinson              Vision-e / Evansville                                                           

Donald W. Williams            Warrick County Board of Commissioners                                                      

Judith A. Weatherholt        Warrick County Economic Development Department                                                  



Stephanie Genrich                Governor's Office

Marc Lotter                           Governor's Office

Tom Dusing                          Carefree World Travel