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Recent Boards and Commissions Appointments
State Ethics Commission

State Ethics Commission

The Commission receives complaints, initiates investigations, holds public hearings, decides if ethics violations have occurred, and recommends or imposes appropriate sanctions. The commission meets monthly and issues advisory opinions to anyone under their jurisdiction (public employees of the executive branch) seeking advice.

  • Clare Nuechterlein, South Bend

Term expires September 1, 2007

Wireless Enhanced 911 Advisory Committee

The 911 Committee is tasked with determining how to best spend money raised through the collection of the enhanced 911 service fee paid by cellular customers in such a way that the burden of providing enhanced wireless 911 service is evenly distributed throughout the state.

  • CPT Harold Williams, Rensselear

Term expires May 1, 2008.

Quarter Horse Breed Advisory Committee

The Quarter Horse Breed Development program has been established to promote the breeding of Quarter Horses and to assist the agri-business sector of the state's economy.

  • Carol Ecker, DVM, Granger

Term expires May 1, 2006.

Real Estate Commission

The commission issues, denies, suspends, and revokes real estate licenses.

  • Sue Cox, South Bend
  • Mark Bock, Freemont
  • Charlie Shook, West Lafayette
  • Norm McClain, Indianapolis
  • Carolyn McClintock, Evansville
  • Paul Boyter, Chesterton
  • Terms expire May 1, 2009.


    Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission

    New legislation (SEA 56) has restructured the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, putting it under the Department of Homeland Security and modifying the membership requirements. The board is to consist of nine gubernatorial appointments, drawn from various areas of expertise (one appointment is still to be made).

    • Tony Johnson, Elkhart
    • Jay Gore, West Lafayette
    • David Brandt, Indianapolis
    • Ted Ogle, Columbus
    • David Hannum, Terre Haute
    • Mike Christoffersen, Leo
    • Terms expire May 24, 2009

      • Marsh Burke Jones, Madison
      • John Hawkins, Fredericksburg
      • Terms expire June 15, 2009