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For Immediate Release: Feb 8, 2005
Governor Daniels endorses president?s proposed reforms for flexibility and responsiveness in workforce training

INDIANAPOLIS (February 8, 2005) -- Governor Mitch Daniels today endorsed President Bush?s call for federal reforms for job training that would consolidate programs, increase flexibility and responsiveness and reduce administrative costs of federal funds that come to states.

?These reforms will make us faster and more effective in meeting workforce needs by providing more training that benefits Hoosiers, and we?ll spend fewer dollars to do it,? said Daniels. ?Who better understands Indiana?s economy and our needs than us. This consolidation and flexibility would give us the ability to respond to our changing economic and workforce conditions without the delays and expense of red tape or the restrictions of multiple overlapping programs. I urge Congress to pass these much-needed reforms.?

Bush?s reforms, outlined in his budget presentation, would consolidate several programs and funding streams into a block grant option so states can eliminate duplicative costs in managing job training and providing services for displaced workers. Programs would be consolidated into an integrated state-level workforce development system.

?These changes would bring us the speed and responsiveness that we need,? said Ron Stiver, commissioner of Indiana?s Department of Workforce Development. ?This approach would enable Indiana to better use these federal funds for the benefit of Hoosier citizens and employers.?

The proposals now move into Congressional consideration of the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

Media Contact: Jane Jankowski, 317/232-1622