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For Immediate Release: Nov 6, 2005
Statement and synopsis of Governor Mitch Daniels' trip to Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties to visit tornado-damaged areas

EVANSVILLE (November 6, 2005) -- Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spent Sunday afternoon visiting devastated areas of Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties in southwest Indiana, accompanied by Eric Dietz, executive director of the Indiana Homeland Security Department, Maj. Gen. Martin Umbarger of the Indiana National Guard, and Roger Johnson, the state fire marshal.

After a preliminary briefing upon arrival at Evansville Regional Airport, the governor received an aerial assessment of the damage, beginning at the Ohio River near Evansville and following the path of the tornado in both counties. He stopped near DeGonia Springs at a church heavily damaged by the storm and met with nearby residents whose family members were among those killed during the storm. Governor Daniels then walked through the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park on the southeast side of Evansville. He will return to Indianapolis this evening.

Governor Daniels issued this statement following his assessment of the damage:

?Hoosiers look out for each other. We know how to take care of ourselves in times like these, and we are. Our emergency response personnel are as well prepared as anywhere in the country. We have people in the Evansville area today who were involved in efforts at Ground Zero and at Camp Indiana in Mississippi. They are now putting their unparalleled skills to work on behalf of their own neighbors. There are more than 40 local fire departments, the Indiana National Guard, law enforcement, other professionals and volunteers working tirelessly.

?I was here today to make sure we are doing everything we can to support local efforts, and to offer on behalf of the people of the state, our thoughts and prayers. The important thing now is to save lives and begin the recovery process. ?