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Medicaid Connect Legislative Resources

The Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning serves over 2 million Hoosiers in our programs with over 80,000 Medicaid providers. OMPP aims to deliver services that are person-centered while ensuring efficiency and reducing administrative burden.

Legislative feedback and your connections to your local communities allow OMPP to continuously improve our program and services. Below is information and resources to help our legislative partners to stay engaged and collaborate to ensure we are meeting our shared goals of serving Hoosiers.


Medicaid Connect

Medicaid Connect is a monthly newsletter specifically for our legislator partners. The newsletter contains Medicaid information and program updates – from demographics of the program (including enrollment, populations, and delivery system mechanisms) to how the Medicaid office works and the vast programs OMPP offers. Key programmatic updates are also available.


For question please reach out to Medicaid Director, Allison Taylor, or FSSA Legislative Director, Gus Habig,