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About Hoosier Rx

What is HoosierRx?

HoosierRx is Indiana's Prescription Drug Program for low-income seniors.

Any eligible senior enrolled in the HoosierRx program will receive assistance paying for their MedicareRx, Part D, prescription drug plan premium.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To be eligible for the HoosierRx program, a senior must meet the following guidelines:

  • You must be 65 years old or older
  • You must reside in Indiana
  • You must have applied for ‘extra help’ from Medicare by completing the ‘Application for Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs’ from Social Security and received either a ‘Notice of Award’ or ‘Notice of Denial.’
    • The ‘Notice of Award’ must state that you are receiving partial extra help from Medicare to pay for your Part D premium
    • The ‘Notice of Denial’ must state that you were denied extra help due to resources being too high
  • Your income must not exceed the following amounts:
  • $18,975 a year or less, if single
  • $25,605 a year or less, if married and living together

How does the program work?

All interested seniors are asked to fill out a short, one-page application and send it to HoosierRx with proof of their monthly income and a copy of their ‘Notice of Award’ or ‘Notice of Denial’ from Social Security. An application typically takes 4 weeks to process, but could take up to 6 weeks. If eligible, the senior will receive a welcome letter from HoosierRx stating that HoosierRx will provide assistance paying for the senior’s monthly Medicare Part D, premium. If the senior is denied eligibility, they will receive a denial letter.

HoosierRx Implementation and Development: How did the program start?