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Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Scope of Work Draft Excerpts

Managed long-term services and supports scope of work excerpts are available here in near-final draft form. These excerpts have been assembled for the benefit of stakeholders who have supported the design of this program from the outset. Developing a SoW for a new program that will be subject to competitive procurement necessarily requires materials be kept confidential and free from the influence of potential bidders, but at the same time the State wishes to show clear examples of how the stakeholder design inputs have translated into actual contract language. Broadly, this material reflects requirements that will be placed on Managed Care Entities that will serve Hoosiers under this program in the future. The material was drafted based on extensive discussions with stakeholders and with a constant eye toward ensuring Hoosiers served under the program will be better able to receive quality, person-centered, coordinated care that helps them age in the place of their choosing. Excerpts are not necessarily reflective of the full language within each numbered contract section but are examples highlighting requirements relevant to stakeholder information sharing sessions and previously expressed topics of interest. Lastly, it is beneficial for readers to know the Scope of Work defines what the MCEs must do, and it does not define every detail of the future MLTSS program that may be defined in the future elsewhere (e.g., items covered by provider bulletins, banners, and modules).

Additionally, on August 1st, FSSA gave a policy update regarding programs that will accompany MLTSS: LTSS enrollment services and MLTSS member support services. The policy update is attached here. This update is unrelated to the MLTSS RFP.

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