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About Long-term Services and Supports (for older adults)

Long-term services and supports promote the health and well-being of people who need assistance with activities of daily living due to long-term conditions or disabilities, or who require supervision and support due to cognitive impairment. These services can include in-home personal care, adult day centers, caregiver support, assisted living and nursing facility care.

  • Many older adults receive their medical services through Medicare and long-term services and supports through Medicaid. In our current system, there is little to no coordination between these two programs, and people enrolled in both must navigate completely separate systems and rules. This often results in confusion, inconsistent care and poorer health outcomes.
  • Indiana ranked 44th in the 2020 AARP LTSS state scorecard. Indiana ranks 51st for “support of caregivers,” which considers factors such as states’ policies around supporting working caregivers and person- and family-centered care. These measures recognize the important role caregivers play in the health of Hoosiers as they age. Helping ensure the well-being of caregivers will support better health and outcomes of the person receiving care. We will support the health, well-being and training of caregivers and connect them to additional services that support their wellness and their loved one’s ability to live and thrive in their home or community.

Already more than 47,000 older Hoosiers who are enrolled in Medicaid qualify for LTSS. Over the next decade, the population over 65 is expected to increase by nearly 30%. A managed LTSS program for older adults will introduce greater financial stability and transparency during this period of enrollment growth.